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Here you can view a range of the products we have on offer. For more information on the products available call us on

Feed Barriers

10-Space Diagonal Feed Barriers – Hot dipped galvanised. To fit 4.5 – 4.8mtr spans. Can be fixed or hinged.

7-Space Lock-in Feed Barrier – Hot dipped galvanised. To fit 4.5 -4.8mtr spans. Telescopic ends.

Penning/Divide Gates

Standard Divide Gates – We carry a wide range of 4 & 5 bar heavy duty divide gates with double fastening bolts. Each gate extends up to one metre.

Divide Gate with Creep Gate – Similar in dimensions to standard divide gate with creep gate.

Divide Gate with Cut Out for Water Trough – Similar in dimension to standard divide gate cut out for water trough built in.


Cattle Crushes & Sculling Gates – We carry a large supply of cattle crushes and various types of semi-automatic and fully automatic sculling gates.

Cubicles & Cubicle Mats

We supply a wide range of cubicles, wall mounted and adjustable, cantilever/ superloop and mushroom. Sizes available to suit new or old cattle houses. We supply both continuous rubber and link mats


We have drinkers to suit both slatted units and dairy units.

Calving Gates

Calving Gates can be ordered in different sizes depending on customer specification.

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